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Shopping Cart Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the shopping cart software hosted on your server or mine?

You will need a hosting account or dedicated server to use the software. The shopping cart software can be installed on any server or hosting service where the software requirements are met. A pre-installation test script and a 30-day trial is provided. If you need a hosting service provider, you will find a list of compatible ones here.

How much does the shopping cart software cost? Are there recurring fees?

The shopping cart software is licensed for a specified number of domains by paying a one-time fee. License fees are listed in our catalog. One year of technical support and access to software updates is included with the license. After the first year, technical support and updates are available by subscription for $120 annually.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, however we do something better. We provide a free fully functional shopping cart program, which can be set up and used until you are satisfied that the software will serve your needs. The free trial keys are set to expire in 30 days. Technical support is provided during the trial period. When you decide to buy the software, the trial key can then be replaced with a permanent key. The shopping cart does not have to be reinstalled.

Is the shopping cart software easy to install?

Yes and No. If you have previously installed PHP scripts with a MySQL database without too much trouble, then it is easy. Basic installation requires knowledge of how to: use an ftp software, set file and folder permissions, and create a database. Do-it-yourself installation is not recommended for everyone. If you are unsure or don't want to take a chance on wasting your time, let us install the software and database for you. Installations are typically completed within 24 hours. The installation is included, free of charge, when you buy a full software license. If you need help installing the trial version, we charge a $50 fee, but this is subtracted from the price when you buy your full license.

What kind of support is provided?

Support requests submitted through our contact page or by email are typically responded to within a few hours and always within one business day. Urgent requests are typically resolved within an hour. For phone support, leave a message and someone will call back within one business day.

Can the shopping cart software be moved or copied after it is installed?

Yes. The shopping cart software and database can be installed and setup with page templates, products, payment service and customizated shopping pages. The files and database can then be moved or copied to another site that supports the software requirements.

Can I link to the shopping cart from HTML pages?

Yes. Each product must first be entered into the shopping cart. Then buy buttons or buy links can easily be generated from your administration panel and copied to any web page, on the same site or anywhere else. The administration panel will even generate full HTML pages for you with product details, if needed.

Does information about items need to be "built" or "re-published" whenever items are added, changed, or deleted?

No. The dynamic catalog automatically creates pages with products from the shopping cart database. If there is more than one category, navigation is automatically created. Any custom web pages that links to or connects to your AShop may need to be rebuilt though.

Is the software open source code available?

The software is encrypted with IonCube for copyright protection and security. We do not distribute open source software, however the program code is in separate files from the text and there are built-in tools for integration with third-party scripts and tracking systems.

Can the software be customized?

Yes, we can add new features for you or modify the software. We can also help build other PHP scripts that you may need, install or customize open source PHP software and help you design your eCommerce web site.

Does the shopping cart work with PayPal?

Yes. AShop is certified by PayPal and PayPal is pre-integrated in the shopping cart. The PayPal Standard (IPN) system is very easy to setup. Just select the PayPal payment option from a drop-down list, enter your PayPal email address in the payment option and save it. You might also want to add a secure path to a logo image, which will appear in the PayPal payment page. The PayPal Pro payment option requires installation of PayPal SDK software.

What other payment services work with the shopping cart?

Most popular payment services are already pre-integrated in the shopping cart. New payment modules can be created if needed, for payment services that are not already supported, but in some cases we will charge a fee for this.

What about that other AShop company?

There is a company in Australia that are also using the name AShop but we are not in any way affiliated with them and we used the brand name several years before they emerged.

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