Move or Copy AShop

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An existing shopping cart may be moved or copied from one location to another.


Before installing AShop in a new location, run the ashoptest.php script, which tests for required functionality and installs the correct IonCube loader for the operating system and version of PHP that is running on the server.


1.Download the all of the AShop files and use the database backup tool in the admin panel to export your database.
2.Upload the files to the new location.
3.Set the file and directory permissions as listed in the new installation instructions.
4.Create a database and use the admin/importdb.php page in your new AShop to import your database from the backup.


License key registration is not required if the domain name is same as what is already registered. If the domain name is different, it must be registered. To register a license key and activate the installation, open admin/register.php in a browser.