Administration Panel

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The Administration Panel can be accessed by navigating to the admin directory where the shopping cart is installed.


Open the Administration Panel by typing a URL something like this into your browser address bar:

(substitute the actual URL to the cart installation in place of "")




Security Features

The AShop admin login is password protected.  The default password that is installed with the program is ashopadmin. This should be changed after installation. If you forget your password, it can be sent to you by email through the "Did you forget your password?" link on the login form. Just leave the username box blank to get the main administrator password sent.


20 Minute Inactivity Security Check - The admin panel login times out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

By adding the line: $noinactivitycheck = "false"; anywhere in the file the time check is skipped. This might be useful during initial setup or while adding a large number of products.


2 Minute Lockout Prevents Brute Force Entry -The login has protection against brute force attacks were a hacker writes a script or program that will automatically try every possible combination of letters to figure out the password. After three incorrect login attempts the login.php script will block all further attempts until two minutes have passed. It will also send an email message to the administrator. This should make it very hard (or at least extremely slow) to get unauthorized access to an AShop administration panel.


Login Cookies - The Administration Panel uses cookies for secure login sessions. If you cannot stay logged in, it is probably because you have an old browser or your browser security settings are blocking cookies. Check your security settings and/or download a current browser for free from Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.


To return to the Administration Panel index page from any other page in the admin panel, click on the AShop logo at the top of any page within the Administration Panel. This will redirect to the first page that you see after logging in.




The Administration panel is divided into four main sections:






If you have a version that includes the Shopping Mall and Sales Office functions as well, you will also find menu items for managing shopping mall vendors and Sales Office options on the top menu bar.