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The Configuration menu is divided into seven or eight submenus.




Shop Parameters


Change Administrators Password

Shop Name, Address, Telephone, Email

Default Language Selection

Currency Selection

Shopping Cart Catalog Mode Selection

Save Cart enable/disable

Add to Cart Confirmation Window enable/disable

Link From Thank You Page

Items Per Page

AShop Affiliate ID

Receipt Mail Format html/text

TeleSign Customer ID

Wholesale Catalog enable/disable

Wholesale Catalog Volume Discount Settings

Download Password Duration

Number of Downloads Allowed Per Password

Random Key Code Delivery Selection

Edit Product Flags

Advanced Options





Upload Logo Image File (default page heading)

Theme Selections

Background Colors

Text and Link Colors

Forms Colors

Item Border Color and Width

Item Background and Text Colors

Condensed Layout enable/disable

Category Colors

Font Selection and Sizes

Thumbnail Image Size



Affiliate Program


Affiliate Text (displayed on affiliate sign-up page)

Affiliate Administrator E-mail

Second Tier Affiliates enable/disable

Default Affiliate Commission Percentage (per product)

Second Tier Commission Percentage (per order)

Level 2 Affiliate Commissions

Require PayPal ID In Sign up Form on/off

Redirect URL (where visitors end up after clicking on affiliate links)



Payment (not all of the options listed are available for every payment option)


Add New Payment Option

Payment Option Name

Payment Gateway Selector

Payment Fee (optional)

Merchant ID

Transaction Key

SSL URL To Payment Form Logo Image

Extra Form Fields (only available for payment gateways that use the AShop Secure orderform script)

Deliver Before Payment enable/disable

Test Mode enable/disable

Automatic Delivery enable/disable

Payment Gateway Description

Text On Order Page

Thank You Message





Add New Fulfilment Options

Three Options, add as many as you like of each

Email Order Notices To Fulfilment Services CD Fulfilment Service

Automation Fulfilment Method





Manage Storewide shipping options for FedEx, UPS, and custom methods.

Allow/Disallow Customer Selection of Shipping Service Options.

Add/Remove Local Country or Countries (used to determine local or international handling charge)

Ship Only Locally Option

Add Local Handling Charge (one-time per order charge if shipping to country of origin)

Add International Handling Charge (one-time per order charge if not shipping to country of origin)

Manage Zip Tables (used only if custom zip-zone lookup and zone rates have been setup for shipping)

Manage Shipping Options (for instance express shipping charges)

Manage Shipping Discounts (quantity based)




Sales Tax Type - US, VAT, GST/PST

Taxable State Or Province (US/Canada)

EU/VAT Origin Country Setting

Sales Tax, VAT, GST Percentage

PST Percentage

Request Vat Number from Customer Option

Sales Tax On Shipping Option


You may also find a page for configuration of the Sales Office on the Configuration menu, if the Sales Office is available.