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Shipping and handling options are set in the Shipping menu in your AShop Administration Panel.

Administration Panel > Configuration > Shipping






Shipping Method

In the Shipping page, there is a main Shipping Method selector. The Storewide shipping and individual product shipping options are dependent on the Shipping Method setting. For example, if the main Shipping Method is set to FedEx, only FedEx options will be available in related settings and options. If UPS is selected, then only UPS settings and options will be available. If Custom shipping options are selected, only custom settings and options will be available. This method of selection simplifies the setup process and avoids potential conflicts.


When FedEx is selected as the Shipping Method...


...only FedEx options are available in the Configuration > Shipping page...


...FedEx is available, but UPS is NOT available in the shipping options for each product.


When UPS is selected as the main Shipping Method...


...only UPS options are available in the main settings...


...and UPS is available, but FedEx is not available in the per product shipping options.


When Custom is selected as the Shipping Method...


...only Custom Shipping Options are available through the Configuration > Shipping page...


...FedEx and UPS options are NOT available for each product Shipping options.




Customer Selectable Service

When the shipping amount is requested during a shopping session, the state, zip, and country is required. (The street address and shipping contact phone number is not required until Checkout.)



When FedEx or UPS is selected as the Shipping Method, the Options include Yes/No selector for Customer Selectable Service. When this is set to Yes, customers will have selectable service options. In this case the rate is looked up based upon the service option that is selected during each shopping session.


Note that when the main Shipping Method is set to FedEx or UPS AND Customer Selectable Service is set to Yes, custom shipping options are NOT available in the per product shipping options.



Storewide Shipping

Each product may have an individual shipping calculation method OR it may be included in the Storewide Shipping calculation. The storewide can be FedEx, UPS, or a flat rate per pound. Total weight for all products in the cart that are set with storewide shipping is used for the lookup or calculation. A maximum weight per package setting limits the total weight for each package. The program adds more packages as needed when the maximum weight for each package is exceeded.


Local Handling Countries


Local Handling country/countries - The local handling charge (per order) will be added to orders where the shipping destination is a country that is set here.


To add a country to the list, click the Add Country button. A new selection box will appear where another country can be selected and added to the list.



To remove a country from the list, select Remove This Country from the drop-down list. When the form is submitted, that selection box will be removed.



Ship Locally Only - When this box is checked, only the local handling countries will appear in the shipping form country selector that customers see and a small note appears below saying "We only ship to this country." or "We only ship to these countries.". The page gets this text from the language file


Add Local Handling Charge - This amount will be added to each order where the destination country is local.


Add International Handling Charge - This amount will be added to each order where the destination country is NOT local.



Bottom Menu Bar




Zip/Zone Tables - Zip tables can be used to add shipping charges based upon zip code zones within the United States. Set up the zip/zone lookup tables first. This can be done through Configuration > Shipping and Taxes or through Edit Catalog > Shipping (for each product that is set to use the zip/zone method). After a zip/zone table is created, then set each product to use a zip/zone table and set the 7 zone rates for each product. This is essentially how UPS and FedEx look up the zone from the zip code, however this method allows you to set rates for each zone specifically for each product.


Shipping Discounts - Shipping discounts can be created based upon the quantity of shippable products that are in the shopping cart basket.


Custom Shipping Options - When Custom is selected as the main Shipping Method, there will be an additional link in the bottom menu bar.