Custom Shipping Options

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Shipping options appear within the shipping information form for customers to select. See also: Shipping Information Form




Shipping options are set within Configuration > Shipping & Taxes. To create a new shipping option or modify an existing one, click on the Shipping Options link in the bottom menu bar.


Create A New Shipping Option

1.        Enter the Description that customer's will see.

2.        Enter the Fee that will be added to the order when this shipping option is selected.

3.        Select from the Shipped drop-down box to set if the shipping option will apply to local, international, or both (all) destination countries. If locally is selected, this shipping option will only appear in the shipping information form that customers see when they select a destination country that is local. See Shipping and Taxes for more information about setting local destination countries.

4.        Click Add.



Modify An Existing Shipping Option

1.        Change the Description, Fee, and/or Shipped

2.        Click Update.


Delete An Existing Shipping Option

1.        Click Delete.



Move An Existing Shipping Option Up A List Of Shipping Options

1.        Click Move Up.

2.        Repeat as Necessary.