Payment Options

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From the AShop administration panel menu, point your mouse over Configuration and select "Payment".




If only one payment option is set, customers will skip the payment option page and go directly to the payment form when checking out. If more than one payment option is set, the payment options will be selectable by customers when checking out. There is no practical limit to the number of payment options that can be added and the same payment gateway may be used in more than one payment option with different payment option settings in each occurrence.


This topic describes the payment option settings in AShop V.

For instructions specific to each payment service see: Payment Gateway Integration


Add a new payment option

Select a payment gateway or manual payment method from the drop-down box and click the Add button. A new payment option is added and displayed on the page.




Payment Option Settings

Enter the payment option settings and click the Update button for one payment option at a time.




Option Name

The payment Option Name appears in the payment selection page if there is more than one payment option. If there is only one payment option created for the shop, then checkout skips the payment selection page and this Option Name is not seen.


Payment Gateway

This will already be set when the payment method is added.


Payment Fee

A payment fee may be added for each payment option. The amount set here is rounded to 2 decimal places. When customers check out and select a payment option, the corresponding payment fee for that payment option will be added to the order total. If a payment fee is not set, the Payment Fee text will not even appear on the payment options page that customer see.


Merchant ID

The Merchant ID is assigned by the payment gateway. It is usually the same ID that is used to log into your payment gateway Merchant Control Panel and is required for payment to post transactions to your merchant account. For PayPal, it must be a verified business account primary e-mail address.


Transaction Key (AuthorizeNet SIM only)

See AuthorizeNet Payment Integration


SSL URL to Logo Image

The payment form can optionally include an image of your choice. This most commonly used for the store logo. Since the payment form is accessed through a secure socket layer (SSL) connection, the image URL must also be an SSL connection in order to avoid annoying warning messages. If a non-secure URL is used to link the logo image, the payment form will still work and will display the logo, but a warning message will display to customers indicating that non-secure information is being exchanged.


Extra Form Fields

Payment options that use the orderform.php script to collect credit card information can have extra fields included on the payment form. Data that is entered in the extra fields is saved and can be viewed for each customer. The extra form field data can also be included in receipts.

See: Extra Form Fields


Deliver Before Payment

Real time payment options provide immediate download of digital products upon receipt of payment. Manual and offline credit card options will not allow customers immediate access to the digital products. Instead, the store administrator will receive a link in the e-mailed order notice. Upon receipt of payment, the store administrator can click on the link to activate the order or run a sales report of unpaid orders in edit mode to activate each order. The password and link to the product delivery page is then automatically e-mailed to the customer. To deliver digital products before the manual payment or offline credit card processing is activated, check the Deliver Before Payment box.


Test Mode (Not all payment services support this.)

Check this box to set the payment form to test mode. This will set the payment gateway in test mode for each order. When the payment form is in test mode, payments will not post to your merchant account, but the payment receipt will still function. If you have the Authorize.Net Address Verification System (AVS) turned on in your Authorize.Net merchant panel, it will not verify addresses while the payment form is in test mode.


For test orders, enter the following credit card number and any future date: 4111111111111111 (4 followed by fifteen ones)


The personal information and address can be anything since it will not be verified, but to test the e-mail receipt function you must enter a valid e-mail address.


Automatic Delivery (Supported by some gateways.)

For downloadable products, after payment is received the customer can be automatically logged into the product download page. It is only available as an option for payment gateways that support it. When Automatic Delivery is checked, customers who use this payment option will be automatically logged in to the delivery area after returning from the payment gateway. Note that the Thank you message (confirmation page) is bypassed when the Automatic Delivery option is functioning.

Gateways that support Automatic Delivery:

Authorize.Net SIM, Authorize.Net eCheck, WorldPay, PlanetPayment, SkipJack



The payment option description will appear below the option name within the Payment Options selection page. The payment options page only appears if there is more than one payment option. When only one payment option exists, this page is skipped and the payment details page opens instead.


Text on order page (Manual method only)

When a manual payment option is selected during checkout, customers are directed to the order form page to enter their name and contact information. This text will appear on the order form page above the form fields.


Thank you message

Upon receipt of the order, customers are redirected to the confirmation page. You can include your own personalized thank you message and ordering instructions to appear on this page. When each payment option is added, the Thank you message is populated with a canned message. The canned message will include the contact information that was set within Shop Parameters. This field may contain HTML formatting.


Note: Insert variables into the Thank You Message for each payment option by using tokens. The tokens can be used within ROI tracking scripts to track pay-per-click and other types of referral systems.


%orderid% = Order ID, %amount% = Sale Amount, %firstname% %lastname% = Customer Name, %email% = Customer Email, %password% = Download/Subscription Password, %keycodes% = Unlock Key Codes


Note: The download product buttons may not appear on the confirmation page, depending on whether downloadable products were ordered or if the payment option is manual. For instance, if the manual payment option is selected and payment is to be mail in the form of a check, the download product buttons will not appear. In this case, the customer will not have access to the product file until payment is received and the order is activated. When the order is activated, an e-mail message is sent to the customer with a link to the delivery page and a password to download the digital product(s).