Offline Credit Card Processing

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The offline credit card processing payment option is used for collecting credit card and billing address information in order to process payments manually after the sale. The host server must support an SSL connection to the domain to use this payment option. A security certificate that matches the AShop URL is recommended to avoid seeing browser security warning messages.


How Offline Credit Card Processing Works


When an offline credit card payment option is selected, the customer is redirected to a payment form through a secure connection. The secure connection URL is set in Shop Parameters > Advanced Options. When checking out using this payment method, AShop automatically changes the URL to the Secure URL and redirects to the secure payment form.


Customer Payment By Credit Card

Customers enter credit card and billing information into the secure payment form and submit it. The credit card information is encrypted and saved in the database.




Upon submitting the payment form, a receipt is sent to the customer and notice is sent to the administrator.

If the "Deliver Before Payment" option (see below) is unchecked, the receipt will include the following message.


"A manual payment method has been selected for this order. Orders will be fulfilled upon receipt of payment by check or other means. If a free digital product was requested, delivery will be activated manually by our store administrator during business hours."


If the Deliver Before Payment option is checked, the orders for downloadable products, key codes, or subscriptions will be fulfilled. Links and passwords will be included in the receipt.


Processing And Activating Orders

There are several ways to access the credit card information for processing.


1.When the offline credit card processing method is used, the administrator's order notice will contain a link to login through a secure connection and view the credit card information. When the payment has been processed, click the Activate button to complete the order and send a receipt with link and password to access digital products. Activating the order also deletes the credit card number and expiration date from the database.




2.The above billing information and activation form can also be accessed through the Manage Sales profile for each customer.


3.Unpaid orders can be accessed and activated through Sales Reports by selecting the Unpaid filter and Edit.





Unpaid orders are shown in the Edit view with an activate icon next to each order. Orders paid by offline credit card payment have an activate icon to the right. Click on the icon to view credit card information and activate each order.





Create An Offline Payment Option


Create an offline payment option through the Configuration > Payment menu.


Check the Deliver Before Payment box only if you wish to provide immediate access to digital products and subscriptions before the payment is processed and activated.




Credit Card Validation And Credit Card Options


Credit card numbers are validated for the correct number of digits and also for the first number, which must correspond to the credit card type that is selected from the drop-down box.


The security code is validated for 3 digits.

It can be turned off by editing admin/gateways/ and setting $ccsecuritycode = "FALSE"


The expiration date is validated to be a future date.


Accepted Cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards are accepted in the payment form by default. Edit the admin/gateways/ file to remove options for credit cards that are not accepted. We will add new credit cards and validation upon request.


$gw_cardtypes = "

<option value=\"VISA\">VISA</option>

<option value=\"MASTERCARD\">MasterCard</option>

<option value=\"AMEX\">American Express</option>

<option value=\"DISCOVER\">Discover</option>";


Common Problems


The offline credit card processing option requires an SSL connection for the entry of credit card information by customers and subsequent viewing of the credit card information when it is processed by the AShop administrator.


If upon check out, the offline payment option is selected and it returns a page not found error, check the Secure URL setting in Shop Parameters > Advanced Options. A secure URL must be supported by the server and the secure URL to the directory where AShop is installed must be set as the Secure URL within AShop.


Garbage characters in the credit card info is caused by a change in the Security Secret for the payment option that was used for those orders. The Security Secret is used to encrypt/decrypt the credit card information and if it is changed the decryption of old credit card numbers will fail.