Manual Payment By Check or Money Order

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Manual payment options are for processing orders where payment will be made by check, money order, or some other form or third party or delayed payment. A manual payment option will not allow customers immediate access to the digital products. Instead, the store administrator will receive a link in the e-mailed order notice. Upon receipt of payment, the store administrator may then click on the link to activate the order. The password and link to the product delivery page is then automatically e-mailed to the customer.



Note: To deliver digital products before the manual payment or offline credit card processing is activated, check the Deliver Before Payment box within the payment option parameters (see below).



Processing And Activating Orders

There are several ways to access the credit card information for processing.


1.When the manual payment processing method is used, the administrator's order notice will contain a link to login and activate the order.


2.The order activation can also be accessed through the Manage Sales profile for each customer.


3.Unpaid orders can be accessed and activated through Sales Reports by selecting the Unpaid filter and Edit.




Unpaid orders are shown in the Edit view with an Activate Order icon, clip0164, next to each order. Orders paid by manual payment have an Activate Order icon to the right. Click on the icon to activate that order.




Create A Manual Payment Option


Create a manual payment option through the Configuration > Payment menu.


Check the Deliver Before Payment box only if you wish to provide immediate access to digital products and subscriptions before the payment is processed and activated.




Activating Manual Payment Orders Immediately


To activate orders immediately upon submission of the manual payment form, edit the module in the admin/gateway directory for US currency. If you are using a different currency, edit the file in the corresponding directory. For instance Great Britain Pounds is gatewaysgbp, Euro is gatewayseur, etc. Open it in a text editor and change the following line.



else $validate[0] = "PENDING";


else $validate[0] = "VERIFIED";