Payment Gateway Integration

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The shopping cart supports a variety of payment methods and integrates with many popular payment services such as, PayPal, Verisign, Card Services International, WorldPay, and more...


The degree of difficulty to set up each payment option varies widely between different payment services and methods. Instructions are provided as needed for the payment services that are supported by AShop. If you do not find the payment gateway setup instructions that you are looking for in this help documentation, see if it is listed in the payment processor cross reference chart. It it is listed, but there are no instructions it is probably so easy to set up that instructions are not necessary. For instance, you might only need to select the payment option and enter the merchant ID in AShop to begin processing payments in the shopping cart. If a payment service is not listed in the cross reference chart, it is probably not supported by AShop.


For each supported currency there is a set of payment gateway modules, which contain settings for each gateway. The gateway modules are pre-configured and under most circumstances do not require modification. More about payment gateway modules.


Curl with SSL

The SIM method and other payment connection methods where the payment page is hosted on the payment gateway server typically do NOT require Curl or SSL. This is because the payment gateway is providing a secure connection when credit card information is exchanged and no credit card information is passed from server to server over the Internet.


Payment options where credit card information is collected in a page on your server DO require both Curl with SSL and an https connection. This is because sensitive information is being passed over the Internet from your server to the payment gateway server.


Payment Gateways That Use Curl with SSL:

3rdlevelbilling AIM
Linkpoint Connect SSL
PayNova (old and new v2.0)
PayPal Pro (both Direct Payment and Express Checkout)
PayPal IPN uses Curl if available but it is not a requirement.


3-digit Security Code Requirement

For each payment gateway there is a gateway module. For US merchants, the gateway files are in the admin/gateways directory. These files are open source and editable. The security code requirement can be changed here so that it is not required and the field will not appear in orderform.php pages. This only applies to payment options that use the local orderform.php script to create a payment page locally. For payment options where the payment form is hosted by the payment gateway, the security code option is controlled through the payment gateway merchant panel. For instance, Authorize.Net SIM payment form fields are set at


Do Not Require Security Code

The payment gateway modules are set to require the 3 digit security code, but it is easy to change this. Open the gateway file for the payment option. For instance, if the payment option is AIM, open the file. Find the following line and change the word TRUE to FALSE. Save the modified file on the server.


$ccsecuritycode = "TRUE";



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