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Add Buy Buttons, View Cart and Check Out Links Into Existing Web Pages

For these examples, Dreamweaver is used to edit the product pages and insert the HTML code. The entire example page code can be viewed and copied by opening it in a browser and then View > Source (IE).

Insert View Cart and Check Out Links

View Cart links may be inserted any number of times anyplace in the page body. View Cart links can go to shipping.php or to basket.php. If shipping and sales tax does not apply to the product(s) in the cart, either link will work the same. If the product is shipable or taxable and the View Cart link goes to shipping.php, then the customers must enter their shipping information before viewing the cart contents. If the product is shipable or taxable and the View Cart link goes to basket.php, then the customers will first see the products in the View Cart page and there will be a link to calculate shipping and taxes, which will open the shipping information form page.

View Cart Example:
More examples of View Cart links using text and images are included in the example page and are listed in the online help.

Check Out links may be inserted any number of times and anyplace in the page body. Check Out links always go to shipping.php with a parameter action=checkout.

For instance:

Insert Buy Button For Each Product

Basic Product With Quantity Selector - Add To Cart Button

Open the AShop administration panel and navigate to the product. In the admin panel, click on the chain link icon at the top right of the product and copy the Order-Link form code.

Order Link Code Generator

Open the web page in the editor. In the WYSIWYG view, click in the place on the page where the buy button is to go. Then, switch to code view and paste the Order-Link form code into the web page code.

With Dreamweaver there is a shortcut. Instead of switching to code view, use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the code while staying in the WYSIWYG view. You may also split the screen to view the page layout and code simultaneously.

Order Link in Dreamweaver

The form code that is automatically generated by AShop will buy only the one product when submitted and it will clear any previously added products from the cart. A hidden form field must be added to convert it from a Buy Now to an Add to Cart submission.

Add this line into the form code. <input type="hidden" name="add" value="1">
(This does NOT add a quantity of one product to the cart. Setting the add value with any numbers or letters turns the add to cart function on. We just happened to use the number 1 for this example)

After pasting the form into the page, the layout can be altered to align the form objects more evenly on the page. Here is an example of the same form with the form objects aligned in a row, a drop down quantity selector and an image button instead of the HTML form button.

Order Link Form

See also: Order-Link Basics | Order-Link Help Topic

Basic Buy and Add To Cart Links Using Order-Link

Add Buy buttons, View Cart and Check Out links into an existing web page using Order-Link.

Order-Link Buy Button With Customer Input Field

Select From Attribute Alternatives Using Order-Link

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