Receipt Templates

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Receipts in AShop can be sent in either HTML or plain text format. Select the receipt format in Configuration > Shop Parameters.




English language receipt templates are included in the AShop installation package. Receipt templates for other languages are downloadable from our web site. The receipt templates can be edited to suit your needs. Customer and order information is included in the receipts by using %tokens%. See below for more about editing receipt templates.




Save & View Original Receipts


To save original receipts,  change the permissions of the admin/receipts directory to 777 or make sure it is writeable by PHP scripts on your server. A copy of the exact original receipt that is sent to each customer will then be saved in the receipts directory and named with the Order ID number.


There are two places where the original receipt may be accessed through the admin panel Customers menu.

Sales Reports - Navigate to Sales Reports. Click the Order ID number link and then select to view or download the receipt.


Customer History - Navigate to a customer record through Customers and Messaging and click on the history link clip0140. Click on the Order ID number link and then select to view or download the receipt.




Resending Receipts and Re-activing Orders

A copy of the original receipt can be resent from Sales Reports in edit mode. If the order included downloadable products, the download may be reactivated at the same time.


Editing Receipt Template Layout and Content


Receipt templates are in the templates directory. There are two receipt templates for each language; html and text. Receipt templates are named with -en, -sp, -it, -jp, and so on to indicate the language. Example: English language receipts are named receipt-en.html and receipt-en.txt. Modify the text in receipt templates as needed, but do not change or remove the divider comment tags and token names.


Here is a list of tokens and how they are used in receipt templates.


%ashopname%        The name of your store

%dateshort%        Date of the order    

%invoice%        Invoice/Order number

%customer_firstname%        Customer's first name

%customer_lastname%        Customer's last name

%customer_address%        Customer's street address

%customer_city%        Customer's city

%customer_state%        Customer's state

%customer_zip%        Customer's zip code

%customer_country%        Customer's country

%customer_email%        Customer's email address

%customer_phone%        Customer's phone number

%customer_info%        Extra Form Fields


%payoption%        Method of payment used

%payoptionfee%        Fee charged for using specified payment method

%subtotal%        Total before taxes and shipping

%salestax%        Tax total

%shipping%        Shipping costs

%amount%        Total cost billed


<!-- Newcustomerpassword -->        Display customer's password

%newcustomerpassword%        if a new customer profile has been created

<!-- /Newcustomerpassword -->


<!-- Shippingdiscount -->        Display shipping discount (if any)

%shippingdiscount%        Discount on shipping

<!-- /Shippingdiscount -->



<!-- Specialinstructions -->Determines whether any special instructions are to be sent with the receipt. Necessary for all the following sections of the receipt to be displayed.


<!-- Shippingaddress -->        Display shipping information (if product is shippable)

%customer_shippingaddress%        Customer's ship to address


<!-- Shippingoption -->        Display method of shipment (if any)

%shipoptions%        Method of planned shipment

<!-- /Shippingoption -->


<!-- /Shippingaddress -->


<!-- Downloads -->        Display information for download instructions (if applicable)

%ashopurl%        Your store's location as a link for product delivery

%customer_email%        Customer's email address

%password%        Password for customer to download product file

%downloadtimes%        Number of times download can occur

%downloaddays%        Number of days download is available for

<!-- /Downloads -->


<!-- Unlockkeys -->        Display unlock keys (if any)

%unlockkeys%        Any Software Registration Keys

<!-- /Unlockkeys -->


<!-- Subscriptions -->        Display instructions on how to access the subscribed directory (if applicable)

%subscriptionlinks%        Link to the password protected directory subscribed

%password%        Password to access protected directory

<!--/ Subscriptions -->


<!-- Manualpayment -->        Display notice that the payment was made using the Manual Handling payment option.

<!-- /Manualpayment -->        


<!-- /Specialinstructions -->        End Special Instructions portion of the receipt.


%ashopname%        Your Shop Name

%ashopaddress%        Your Shop Address

%ashopemail%        Your Shop Email

%ashopphone%        Your Shop phone number


<!-- Membershop -->        Displays if order came from a Digital Mall member's catalog

%membershop%        Digital Mall member's shop name

<!-- /Membershop -->