Customers and Messaging

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From the Administration Panel main menu, select Customers and click View Customers to open a page where the customers are listed.




Email Messaging to Customers


To email a message to one customer

Click on the e-mail link for the selected customer. This will open your default e-mail program, such as Outlook Express or Eudora.


To e-mail a message to selected customers

1.Place a check mark in the box next to each customer that you wish to send a message to.
2.Enter the Subject and Message text into the corresponding text boxes.
3.Click the "Mail to selected" button to send the message to selected customers.


To e-mail a message to all of the customers

1.Enter the Subject and Message text into the corresponding text boxes.
2.Click the "Mail to all" button to send the message to all customers.



HTML-format or Plain Text

You may select emails to be sent in either HTML or Plain Text format.



With HTML-format selected, formatting tags, tables and hyperlinks may be typed or pasted into the message box. With this setting, a page may be designed within your favorite WYSIWYG HTML editor. You can then copy the HTML code and paste it into the message box to send newsletters, advertisements, and other notices to customers or affiliates.


Note: With this setting, carriage returns within the message box do not generate line breaks and must always be inserted with <br> or <p> tags or the text will all flow together in the resulting e-mail message.


Plain text

The Plain text setting does not recognize HTML tags and will render tag text in the e-mail message just as you enter it into the message box. With this setting, carriage returns in the message box generate a line break in the resulting e-mail message as they do in your client e-mail software such as Eudora or Microsoft Outlook.



Delete Customer Record

Warning: This will permanently delete the customer record; there is not an undo.

1.        Click the Delete icon, clip0145, next to the customer to that is to be deleted.

2.        A warning message page will appear to confirm your intention.

3.        Click Yes to delete the customer record or No to cancel and return to the Customers and Messaging page.


View/Edit Customer Profile

To view or edit a customer's billing and shipping information, click the Profile icon, clip0135, or the customer ID number link next the customers listing.


Sales History By Customer

Customer sales history can be viewed by clicking on the Sales icon, clip0138, next to each customer.