Overview Of AShop

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AShop is a shopping cart program, which can be used in a variety of different ways to manage and sell products and services over the Internet. AShop includes a system of tools and resources to organize and automate online sales.


AShop can be used to sell many different types of products and services:

Tangible Products
Downloadable Products
Subscriptions for Password Access to Protected Directories
Key codes
"Swoopo"-style Auctions and Standard Auctions


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The shopping cart is pre-integrated with software for most popular payment methods.

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AShop GPL is a free open source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


AShop V is a commercial software product, which is licensed per domain. It adds functionality such as a multi-vendor shopping mall, billing, video streaming and CRM to AShop. Because a few of the scripts involved in software registration are encrypted, AShop V requires the IonCube loader.


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Multi-user sales and order management system


The Sales Office included in AShop V shares data with the AShop shopping cart and  provides a work space where sales people can login to manage messages, orders, vendors, purchase orders, order tracking, and vendor bills. Like the shopping cart, the Sales Office is a server based system and data can be easily accessed from multiple locations simultaneously using Internet browsers.


The Sales Office works as a separate section of AShop with its' own login.


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How to use the Sales Office


Shopping Mall


The Shopping Mall features of AShop V lets other businesses and individuals sell their products through your online shopping cart. It includes a system for members to join, manage their products and earn commissions through a central order processing, payment processing, and digital product delivery system.


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How to Use the Shopping Mall