Downloadable Products

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Downloadable products can be software, music, pictures, text, pdf files, or just about any kind of file or folder. If the product consists of many files and/or folders, zip them into one compressed folder for distribution.


See also: Add Products


Downloadable product files are protected from piracy and unauthorized linking by AShop Secure Download.


Each product can have a product file and/or key code delivery. Digital product delivery is not supported with subscriptions (password protected membership directories).


To add a file download for a product.


1.Click on Edit Catalog.


2.Navigate to the product category and either add a new product or click the "Files" button to add a file to an existing product.


3.Click the Browse button next to Product Files and navigate to the file on your local machine.



4.Highlight the product file and click Open.

       You may upload more than one downloadable file per product, but only one at a time.


5.Click the "Upload/Delete" button each time you wish to add or delete a downloadable file.


6.When done uploading files click the "Finish" button.


When a product file is present, a download icon will appear next to the product in the Edit Catalog page and "Direct Download!" will appear in the catalog that customers see along with the file type and size.


Uploading Product Files That Are Larger Than The http_upload Limit

The PHP configuration file limits HTTP file uploads to 2 MB on most hosting services. To check the http_upload file size limit that is set on your server, upload and run a phpinfo.php file.


To upload product files larger than the limit set by your servers PHP configuration:


1.Upload the product file to the ashop/products folder via FTP or using your hosting service's file management program.


2.AShop checks to see if there are any product files that have not already been recorded into the database and will display a drop-down selection box within the Add Product or Edit Product window where the file can be selected.




4.Choose a file from the previously uploaded file selection box.


5.Click the "Upload/Delete" button, AShop will rename the product file and record the original filename into the database.


6.When finished adding product files click the "Finish" button.



Update Notification & Delivery


The update feature emails a notice to each customer who has purchased a specific product. If a file is uploaded, the update notice includes a link and password to download the file. If a file is not uploaded, only the message text or html is sent.


For each product there is a button labeled "Update" on the edit product page.




Click that button to see a form where you can select an update file, choose the time period the customer should have bought the product to receive the update, choose how many days the download will be available, and add the subject and message text for the email notice to customers.


When sending an update file, you must browse to and select the file from your computer. This file will be sent to the customers who purchased the product you are sending an update for.




The update notification can be sent in both Plain text or Html formats.


When the form is submitted, the file is uploaded to the updates directory and the message with a password and download link is sent to all customers who should receive the update.


When customers download the file, a notice is emailed to the shop administrator with the customers name and IP address.