Memberships - Password Access to Protected Directories

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Memberships provides a method to sell password-protected access to specific folders (directories).


To add a membership, you must first create a subdirectory to hold the protected content. The directory must be below your AShop installation on the server directory tree.


1.Create a directory below AShop on the server directory tree so that the protected folder is at the same directory as catalogue.php. Name it whatever you want to.
2.Change permissions for this directory to 777.





Create A Membership In The Product Catalog


1.From within the Administration Panel/Edit Catalog, create or locate the product that should become your membership.


2.Click the button Membership.




3.Enter the name of the protected directory.


4.Enter the URL to the protected directory. If this setting is available it is used to create the link to the protected directory in the customer receipt.


5.Enter the length in days until each password expires. Set this to 0 (zero) for no expiration.




7.Click the Submit button to save the product information.


AShop will now protect the directory and prepare it for use as a membership product.


Note: Since AShop uses .htaccess password protection, this feature is only available on Linux/Unix servers.



Customers May Recover Forgotten Passwords

If a customer, who has purchased a subscription product, cannot remember their password, they can retrieve it. If they call sendsubscrpass.php from their browser they will be prompted for the directory that they have subscription access to and their email address. An email will be sent to your customer with their password.






Deactivating Expired Subscriptions (without Password Robot)

1.The checksubscr.php script deactivates expired subscriptions. You can run this script manually through a browser or setup a Cron job in the server control panel to run this script on a regular basis. Your hosting company must provide a method to create Cron jobs or you must have root access to the server to set up a Cron job. More Info...


2.Change the $ashoppath at the top of the checksubscr.php script to the correct path to AShop V if the script is placed outside of the AShop root, for instance outside the document root to avoid making it publicly accessible.


3.Change permissions to chmod 755.


The subscription product will be labeled "Instant Access" in the store catalog product listing.


Links to the purchased subscription directories, user names, and passwords will be included in the e-mailed store receipts that are sent to customers.


Discount Coupon Codes may be created for subscription products.