Discount Coupon Codes

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There are two ways that discounts can be created and redeemed in the shopping cart.


Per Order Discounts

An unlimited number of per order discounts may be created. Create per order discounts in Edit Catalog. Click on the Discounts button on the top right side.




1.Enter the discount code
2.Enter the amount or percentage of the discount. Percent discounts are applied to each order subtotal (before shipping and taxes).
3.(Optional) Enter a valid affiliate id number to credit an affiliate when this discount is redeemed.
4.Click Add to add the new discount.




Per Product Discounts


Per product discount codes are created each product in Edit Catalog. Per product discounts may be entered by customers on checkout, just like per order discounts, but they will only be applied to the price of the associated product.


Create a Discount Code For Each Product


1.Navigate to the category where the product discount is to be added or edited.


2.Click on the Discount button under the product.




3.Enter a discount code up to 50 characters.


4.Enter the discount amount and check if it is percentage of the product price or an amount.


5.Click the Add button to save the discount. To remove a discount, simply click the Remove button.





Create a One-Time Discount


AShop will let you allow customers to be able to get a discount good for only one purchase? Here's how...


When you add or edit a discount you will notice a check box under the discount amount labeled "One time discount"

Check the box and click the "Add" button.




Only customers who are logged in will be able to use these discounts and when they use them, this will be recorded to prevent further use.


Create a Gift Certificate

Discount codes can be set to work only for one particular customer, which can be used in conjunction with the one-time option to create gift certificates. Just enter the customer's ID, which you can look up on the Customers page, into the corresponding box to make the discount personal. To use this discount code, the customer needs to login to his/her profile.