View/Edit Affiliate Contact Information

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From the Administration Panel main menu, select Manage Affiliates. A top menu bar appears and the Messaging and Management page opens. To view or edit an affiliate's contact information, click the Profile icon, clip0135, or the number next to the selected affiliate.




The affiliate's contact information will be displayed in text boxes within a form.




The Manual Referral Code can be used to track word of mouth and print advertising and discount coupon campaigns. It is automatically generated by AShop when each affiliate signs up. It is generated with 8 characters; generally the first two letters of the first name, the first three letters of the last name, and a three digit number. The referral code is editable by the shop administrator.


See also: Discount Codes, Referral Codes And Discounts



Affiliate Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Telephone Number
Website URL
PayPal ID (e-mail address to receive PayPal commission payments)


Note: All of the Affiliate Contact Information is required in the affiliate sign up form, with the exception of the PayPal ID, which is optionally required.


To edit any of the above fields, type new information into each text box that you wish to change. Click the Update button. The information that is displayed in the form will replace the existing information in the database.