Referral Codes and Discounts

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Disounts can be created and applied to each order or to each product. The two different types of discounts are managed in two different places. Per order discounts are set through the Discounts button, which is at the top right of the Edit Catalog page. Individual product discounts are set by clicking the Discount button under each product listing in the Edit Catalog page.


Per Order Discounts - Applied At Check Out



Per Product Discounts - Applied To Each Product While Shopping


Per product discounts can be used as incentives to track affiliate referals. One way that this can be done is by using the Manual Referral Code, which is unique for each affiliate. Each affiliate can be registered with any number of discount codes by linking the discounts to his/her manual referal code.


To register affiliates with discount codes, go to Manage Affiliates.


Click on the Referral Discounts icon, clip0148, to the right of each affiliate to manage discount registration.


To register an affiliate with a discount code, select from the drop down box and click Add.




All of the registered discount codes will appear for each affiliate.




Customers can be sent to a page where they are prompted to enter a referral code. This page can be the affiliate.php script or a form that is placed within an HTML page.


affiliate.php (uses the cart.html page template)



When a valid referral code is entered, the affiliate is credited for the click and a tracking cookie is set on the visitor's browser. The catalog pages will automatically show the discount codes that are registered to the referring affiliate.