PayPal PayFlow Link

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AShop Administration Panel Settings

Verisign PayFlow Link payment integration is set in the AShop Administration Panel through Configuration > Payment.


Verisign Settings

In PayFlow Link Info configuration page set:


Return URL Method to LINK

Return URL: To website URL link you wish to send customers to when they complete payment.


Assure box is checked for Silent Post URL and enter


This allows PayPal to post the info back to the cart with the Silent Post URL, but allows you to send people back to the website with the Return URL. Otherwise the orders are not recorded and receipts are not sent.


The PayFlow payment form must be configured to collect the billing address and email address of your customers. Login to your PayFlow account, click Account Info, click PayFlow Link Info. Under the section "Billing Information" check all boxes for "Required Fields" and "Editable Fields" except "CSC" (unless you want to enable the Card Security Code feature).