Product License Agreements

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License agreements may be added for each product. When a license agreement is set for a product, customers must agree to it before being allowed to purchase the product.


When customers add a product to the cart that has a license agreement set, an "I Agree" check box will display in the confirmation window with a link to the license agreement.




The "terms of the sale" link opens the license agreement window.




License agreements are added in Add Products or Edit Products.


Navigate to the product you want to add a license agreement to and click the "Edit" button.




Click the "Add license agreement" button and enter your license agreement information.


Click the "Submit" button to save your changes.


Note:        The license agreement can contain HTML formatting and links.




Tip: If you upload a text document named agreement.txt, into the directory you have AShop installed at, a license agreement page will appear when the customer clicks the Check Out button. The customer must click the Accept button to proceed with the order. The agreement.txt file is included with the AShop program files, but is named agreementEXAMPLE.txt. You must rename it to agreement.txt for this functionality to work. You can use HTML code in the text file.