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PaySat payment integration is set in the AShop Administration Panel through Configuration > Payment.


AShop Settings


1.Open the Administration Panel, select Configuration, and then Payment.


2.Click on the drop-down Payment Gateway box, select PaySat and click Add.


3.Enter your Merchant ID. The Merchant ID must be set to the PaySat Merchant assigned to you by PaySat.


4.Enter the payoption Security Secret. The Security Secret must be the secret word that you can enter for a domain in your PaySat account.


5.Enter your Page ID. The Page ID must be the Domain ID for your domain in the PaySat account.


6.If you wish to do so; you can edit the Option Name, add a Payment Fee, add a Payment Description, and even edit the Thank You Message that appears upon successful completion of a transaction.


7.Don't forget to click the "Update" button to save the changes you made.



PaySat Setting


1.Set the Return Page URL for the domain in your PaySat account to the URL of your AShop followed by: "/admin/paysat.php" For example: