Quantity Based Shipping Per Product

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NOTE! The shipping options for each product are dependent on the main Shipping Method setting in Configuration > Shipping. To use custom shipping methods, the main Shipping Method must be set to "Custom".


To set quantity based shipping for each product, click Edit Catalog, navigate to the category where the product is located, and click on the Shipping button. (The shipping options also appear after new products are added.)




1.Select "Quantity" from the Shipping Calculation Method drop-down selection box.




2.Enter the amount of shipping that is to be charged for quantity 1 or more and click the Update button. This amount will be multiplied times the quantity of products in the basket until the quantity of this product is greater than the next quantity level. (in the next step)




3.After the form is updated, a second row will appear. Enter the quantity to begin and set the shipping amount to charge, then click Add Row.




The quantity row will be saved and yet another blank row will appear.




In this example so far, $1.15 will be multiplied times the quantity of this product for quantities less than 5. For quantities 5 or greater, $0.75 will be multiplied times the quantity for this product and added to the shipping charges.


4.If there are no more quantity shipping charge levels to add, you are finished and may exit by clicking on any of the Administration Panel navigation links or by closing the browser. To add another quantity shipping level, enter the next quantity level and shipping amount, then click Add Row. Repeat as needed for the number of levels desired and click Add Row to save each one.