How To Get Help

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Step 1. Use This Help System.

If your issue can't be resolved this way, go to step 2.


The table of contents on the left is organized in order of how the program is typically used.
The Previous and Next links (top right) go through topics in order of the table of contents.
Click the Keyword Index link (top left) to see an index of keywords, which are linked to relevant topics.
Context sensitive help topic links clip10013and tool tips clip10014 are located throughout the administration panel pages. Context help links open the help topic in this system that relates to that page in the administration panel. Tool tips pop-up brief explanations of specific functions within the shopping cart admin panel.


Note: This help system uses frames and JavaScript. If the table of contents panel is not appearing on the left, it is probably because you have an old browser or JavaScript is disabled. Download a current web browser to fix this.


To print help topics without printing the table of contents (Internet Explorer), right click in the right side panel where the topic is located. A shortcut menu will open. Click "Print". This will send only the right side (topic) panel to the printer.


Step 2. Submit Support Request or Email

If you don't find a solution in the help topics or if you prefer to hire someone to set up your web site and/or to provide personal training, contact us through our secure contact form. A technician will respond by email. Once your email address is in our system, you can send email directly to our support team. Response time by email is typically within a few hours during business days and within 24 hours on weekends & holidays. The secure contact form submissions and incoming email messages post directly to our virtual support desk. All of our technicians are qualified to respond by email.


New Feature Requests

We appreciate your suggestions for improvements to AShop. Each new feature is carefully considered before adding to our development calendar. We may be able  to give your feature suggestion priority if you are willing to pay for the development. Contact us to get a quote for the feature you need.