Chargebacks - Reversals

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A chargeback in AShop creates a transaction equal and opposite to the original transaction. The reverse transaction is dated with todays date so that the sales reports can be reconciled with bank deposits and refunds. To Chargeback an order and the corresponding affiliate commissions, Open Sales Reports and select the date range of the transaction to be reversed. Click on the Cancel Sale icon, clip0162, next to the order that is to be reversed.




Select or set the options as needed. Different options may appear depending on how the products and shopping cart are set up. The amounts and product data are selectable here so that report data will be correct under various circumstances. This chargeback feature is only for reporting and accounting. It does NOT post any payments or refunds to any payment services.



Chargebacks appear in reports with red text and negative amounts. There is an icon next to each chargeback, which displays the comment when the mouse is passed over it.




Note: If your mail server is in a different time zone and the $timezoneoffset is not set to adjust for the difference, very recent sales transactions may not be included even when the "To:" date is set for the current date. This happens when the order is stamped with a time that is ahead of your current time zone.