AShop Software Affiliates

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AShop Software Can Generate Cash For You!

Become an AShop Software sales affiliate and generate income while offering useful software to your website visitors or e-newsletter subscribers. Earn $50 for every click-thru sale of AShop V! Affiliate sales commissions are paid out 60 days after the close of each month by PayPal.


2-Tier Commissions - Residual Income From Signing Up Affiliates

Sign up new affiliates and earn the second tier commissions from their orders. The second tier commission rate is currently 3% of the order totals. Link code is automatically generated in the affiliate support panel. When new affiliates sign up through your link, you will begin earning second tier commissions each time they sell an AShop product!


A Product And Customer Service To Be Proud Of

AShop affiliate sales software is easy to use and packed full of useful features. It is backed by great customer service and full technical support. If you are using it now, you already know that we are serious and passionate about our work. AShop affiliate sales software will outperform many programs that are selling for 3 to 4 times as much. Join the growing AShop Software affiliate sales team today and profit with us while we expand our product line.


Take five minutes to sign-up now. A link with your affiliate ID will be automatically generated for you to place in your website or e-newsletters. You can check your click-thru sales and commission stats in real time at the AShop affiliate support panel.


Show the "Powered by AShop" logo in your shop

If you enter your AShop Software affiliate ID on the page Configuration->Shop Parameters in your admin panel, a "Powered by AShop" logo will automatically be shown below your categories list. It will use your affiliate link to make sure that all new AShop customers that found us through your link will be assigned to your affiliate account.