Order Link Ordering Method

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The order link method supports Add to Cart, View Cart, and Check Out functionality within HTML pages. The Order-Links may be located on the local server, on a remote server, or within email messages.


Order Link Code Generator

The order link html code or URL may be copied directly from each product listing in the AShop admin panel and pasted directly into the source code of a web page. Just click the chain link icon in the upper right corner of a product listing on the page Catalog->Edit Catalog to get access to the code or URL you need.


If you need to link to a product with a certain attribute option, you can click the Attributes button of the product and then Alternatives to get access to a new set of chain link icons, one for each option. This way you can link to a t-shirt, for example, with the size set to large.


By default, the order links will lead to the View Cart page, where the customer will see what product he/she just added to the cart. This can be customized by replacing the "basket.php" part of the code or URL with the name of the page or script you want the customer to be redirected to. For example, by changing it to "checkout.php", the customer will be taken straight to the checkout page instead, where they can place their order.


By using the URL version of the order link, you can easily create Buy Now buttons. Just link your button to the URL you copied from the order link code generator.