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AuthorizeNet AIM payment integration is set in the AShop Administration Panel through Configuration > Payment.


Important: In addition to adding the AuthorizeNet AIM payment option within the AShop Administration Panel, the receipt and response URLs must be set within your Authorize.Net Merchant Account Settings. See instructions below.


1.Click the Payment Gateway text box and select Authorize Net AIM.
2.Click Add.
3.Set the following as needed within the AuthorizeNet payment option form.



Merchant ID (required)

The Merchant ID is assigned by AuthorizeNet. It is viewable through the merchant panel under Settings > Security > API Login ID & Transaction Key and is labeled "API Login ID".


Transaction Key (Required)

The Transaction Key is required in order to connect to the AuthorizeNet AIM method.

1.Login to your AuthorizeNet Merchant Panel.
2.Select Settings > Security > API Login ID & Transaction Key. Then scroll down to Create New Transaction Key.
3.Create a Transaction Key. Your security secret answer, which was created when you opened the Authorize.Net gateway account, will be required. You may obtain a new Transaction Key as often as you wish by providing your Secret Answer. You may choose to disable the old one immediately by checking the Disable Old Transaction Key(s) option. If you do not immediately disable the old value, it will automatically expire in 24 hours.


4.Copy the Transaction Key and paste it into the Transaction Key setting within the AShop Administration Panel > Payment Option settings for the AuthorizeNet SIM payment option.


Response/Receipt URLs (Required)

The Response and Receipt URL's must be set in the AuthorizeNet Merchant Panel under Response/Receipt URL's. This is only set in the AuthorizeNet Merchant Control Panel. No setting is required for the Response/Receipt URL within the AShop Administration Panel.

1.Login to the AuthorizeNet Merchant Panel at
2.Select Settings > Response Receipt URL's.
3.Add the URL's to order.php (response) and checkout.php (receipt) for each installation of AShop. For example; http://www.your_domain/ashop/order.php



To use AuthorizeNet from the Sales Office you will also need to add emerchant/orderquote.php and emerchant/payquote.php. For example;




SSL URL to logo image (only used when cart.html page template not present)

The payment form for the AIM method is hosted on the local server. The cart.html page template is used for the payment form page. Images within the cart.html page template and the thankyou.html page template should have secure image links. If a cart.html page template is not present, the secure logo image will appear at the top of the page instead. This most commonly used for the store logo. Since the payment form is accessed through a secure socket layer (SSL) connection, the image URL must also be an SSL connection in order to avoid annoying warning messages. If a non-secure URL is used to link the logo image, the payment form will still work and will display the logo, but a warning message will display to customers indicating that non-secure information is being exchanged.


Test Mode (Recommended before going live)

Check this box to set the Authorize.Net AIM payment form to test mode. The text "Test Mode" will display at the top of the payment form and e-mail receipts. When the payment form is in test mode, payments will not post to your merchant account, but the payment receipt will still function. If you have the Authorize.Net Address Verification System (AVS) turned on in your Authorize.Net merchant panel, it will not verify addresses while the payment form is in test mode.

To run test transactions for AuthorizeNet, enter the following credit card number and any future date: 4111111111111111 (4 and fifteen ones).

The personal information and address can be anything since it will not be verified, but in order to test the e-mail receipt function, you must enter a valid e-mail address.

Don't forget to un-check the test mode box and resubmit the changes after successfully testing the payment gateway.


After editing the AuthorizeNet fields, click the "Submit" button to save the changes. To cancel without saving changes, click the "Cancel" button or page back on your browser.


How to contact Authorize.Net

Contact Authorize.Net at E-mail: or Tel: 1-877-447-3938.


Other Authorize.Net Settings

The following settings are located within the Authorize.Net merchant panel at


Transaction Submission > Password-Required Mode - This should be checked.


Transaction Response > Email Receipts - Here is where you can select if the Authorize.Net transaction receipt is to be emailed to the customers or not. You can optionally include message headers and footers.


Security > Card Code Verification - This feature is for fraud prevention. It verifies that the 3 digit security code, which is printed on the back of US credit cards matches with the card issuing bank records. The down side is that a small percentage of U.S. card issuing banks don't support it and non-US credit cards almost always don't support it.


Security > Address Verification - Again, this is for fraud prevention, but a small percentage of US banks and almost all non-US banks don't support it.