Affiliate Support Panel

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Affiliate Support Panel

The Affiliate Support Panel is where affiliates sign up and login to update their contact information, view stats for clicks and commissions earned, and copy link and banner code to paste into their web sites, ezines, and newsletters.


Existing affiliates will login to view/edit their profiles or change their passwords by navigating to the login.php file.

For example:




If an affiliate forgets his password, there is a "Forgot your password?" utility that will e-mail the password to the e-mail address on file for that affiliate.


Upon logging in, the Affiliate Support Panel will open with the affiliate's stats listed:

Number of Clicks From Affiliate's Page
Number of Orders From Affiliate's Page
Number of Orders From Affiliate's Recruited Affiliates (appears only if you have Second Tier affiliates activated in the Affiliate Program menu)
Total of Affiliate's Earnings
Amount of Commissions Currently Owed




View/Edit Affiliate's Profile

The affiliate may view or edit his profile data by clicking on the View/Edit Profile button. The affiliate's contact information will be displayed in text boxes within a form.


Affiliate Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
Street Address
City, State, Zip, Country
Telephone Number
Website URL
PayPal ID (e-mail address to receive PayPal commission payments)


To edit any of the fields, type new information into each text box to be edited. Click the Update button. The information that is displayed in the form will replace the existing information in the database.



Change Affiliate Password

Affiliates may change their passwords by clicking on the Change password button. The existing password must be entered once and the new password entered twice to verify that it is entered correctly. To save the new password, click the Update button.


Affiliate Link Code

The store administrator adds banners and ads in the Administration Panel/Manage Affiliates/Link Code. The banner and text code is generated for each affiliate to include a link to the ashop store and also to include the affiliate's ID number for tracking.


Note: The link will direct customers to the AShop affiliate.php file, which tracks the affiliate's clicks and sales, and then redirects the customer to the catalog or any other URL specified by the store administrator from within the Administration Panel/Affiliate Program/Redirect URL setting.

For example: where id=[the affiliate's ID number]


Note: AShop will automatically generate one simple link with affiliate code for each affiliate.

For example: <a href="">The Name Of Your Store</a>